Who are these Courses For?

My specialty is working with people who are post-religious, post-orthodox, or secular-minded people who find themselves feeling like there is something missing. While some may experience the first breaths of deconstruction freeing, it can become overwhelming to reorient your values, beliefs, thoughts around death, rituals, meaning, and purupose. These courses fast track processing these foundational changes to create a second half of life kind of spirituality.

Shenelle T.

I had an absolute breakdown my first Christmas after my faith crisis. I was absolutely paralyzed. I didn't know what I believed, what I thought about Jesus, or what to do with all the decorations and traditions. Getting permission and space to work things out in that space with the journal questions and videos helped me feel really secure when facing how I wanted to approach this tradition in my family now.

Jana B.

After leaving my faith tradition I knew I had to remourn my father who passed away. I kept avoiding it because I didn't know how to reopen that door, and when it opened a little bit, it felt too overwhelming to deal with. This course helped to give me some help and structure to process my grief and my new beliefs and rituals around death.

John D.

I I came to a certain point in my life where I felt lost. I didn't know how to make sense of right and wrong in a world full of gray. I didn't know how to create meaning in my life when I lost my faith in God. I was existentially depressed. These courses and working with Britt directly helped me to reframe some of my old thoughts and habits so I could begin to be excited about life again. My life isn't perfect now but I feel like I'm not stuck anymore and I'm moving forward.

About Me

I've meditated with Buddhists, danced with Sufis, done scriptural exegesis with Christians, written books in Mormon philosophy, and studied the Future of American Religion in my Masters Degree. I've gathered tools I've learned along the way, and used them to help people I resonate with the most: the people who are struggling in organized religion. I am dedicated to this space, this shift, where we are trying to save all the tools religions gave us without forcing us to believe things that are too difficult to believe. I've had many mentors along the way, and it gives me so much joy to help others in this space as others have helped me.